Replacement of one or more tooths with an implant, Fixed Bridges on implants and Fixation of Mobile Dentures by implants

Implants are an extraordinary solution available for the compensation of the lost teeth. Implant is a titanium screw inserted in the jaw as a replacement for the root of the lost tooth. It can compensate for one lost tooth or several missing teeth and can serve as a solid denture for the prostheses, for improved stability.

The only prerequisites for implant placement are the sufficient thickness and height of the bones in the jaws. Bone deficiency is a relative contraindication for implants because it can be solved by some additional procedures (sinus lifting or bone insertion).

All on 4

All on 4 is one of the best solutions for toothless jaw.

With these technique, we can get fixed work (no removing from the mouth) on just 4 implants and it is an excelleent solution, we apply often.

Brands which we use

Since there is a huge number of implants on the market (over 1700), it is very important for the patient to know what implant is installed because there are great differences in quality between them.

We install Sky implants of the well known german brand Bredent.

Each patient gets the certificate on the implemented implant. Implants are considered a long-term solution, and to be so, we recommend installing products of certified manufacturers.

We do not recommend creation of durable replacements to the newly installed implants. From our experience, it is better to wait for the osteo-integration process to end. Regular controls and good hygiene are essential for the whole process to function.

Procedure od dental implant placement



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