Children’s dentistry

Tooth fluoridation and Fixation of fissure by liquid composite

The first visit to the dentist should be when the baby teeth begin to grow, and until the second year of the child’s birth it would be necessary to meet a child with a dentist. The child should, at the earliest age, adopt the good and proper habits of maintaining oral hygiene. It is crucial for a child to visit a dentist before having a painful experience. In a good atmosphere, along with the game, the first contact with the dentist is done.

This prevents any trauma and resistance of going to the dentist.

Tooth Fluoridation

Fluoridation of teeth is a method by which baby teeht and permanent teeth are coated with fluorine in the form of a gel. Flour makes the enamel slightly more resistant to caries, and this method, with good oral hygiene, can in large measure prevent the appearance of caries.

Also, this is a very convenient method for getting to know a child with the dental service because it is absolutely painless!

Fixation of fissure

Fixation of fissure is a method by which we are working on permanent heaps of deep fissure (which are the places of the most common caries), we fill the composite and thus make them more shallow, thus enabling them to be easier to clean.



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