Aesthetic dentistry

In the last 10 years, aesthetic dentistry has undergone revolutionary advances. Everything that was once unthinkable, today is feasible.

With new materials and production techniques, today you can get the perfect smile that will fit and will not change the personality of the patient. This is possible by making crowns, bridges, and especially zircon or full porcelain veeners.

Ceramic veneers and crowns, thanks to the passage of light through the material from which they are made, allow for aesthetic excellence.



The extra advantage of new materials is that many aesthetic disadvantages on the teeth can be solved with minimal grinding of the natural tooth, such as:

  • Too much dental space
  • Poor tooth position
  • Change of tooth colour
  • The size of the tooth (if the tooth with its size differs from the other teeth)

Therefore if you are not happy with your smile, your own teeth appearance, or the appearance of old crowns and bridges, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to take the time for you and offer you an optimal solution that will contribute to the beauty of your smile.

A nice smile makes you feel younger, more confident, more attractive, and much more comfortable.

Teet whitening

Teeth whitening is a process by which we permanently change the teeth color for several shades. With this procedure, we get several tones of whiter teeth, which contributes to a more fresh and appealing smile. After the examination, we recommend the method of whitening and get to know the patient with what we can reach with the procedure. Whitening is done by active oxygen based preparations.

In the most cases, two visits are necessary.



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